Arunjana Das

Arunjana Das is a PhD student at American University studying international relations. She has a Masters degree in Journalism and Public Affairs from American University and a Bachelors degree in Mechanical Engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi. Born in a Hindu family and with years of atheism behind her, she started her journey in service and discipleship in Christ in 2012. Working for food justice has been an integral part of this discipleship; her professional experience at the World Bank and volunteer experience with organizations such as Christ House and the Table Church further crystallized her interest and drive towards food justice. When she’s not researching, writing, or volunteering, she likes to go running, play Chess, and read Russian authors and detective fiction.

Josh Mugler

Josh Mugler is a native of St. Louis and a PhD student in the Theology department at Georgetown University. He studies the history and theology of Christianity and Islam, focusing on Christians in the Middle East during the early history of Islam.




Terry Flood

Terry Flood is the Executive Director of Jubilee Jobs. She was a founding member of Jubilee Housing in 1973 and Co-Founder of Jubilee Jobs in 1981. Terry works as a job counselor in addition to managing the staff of Jubilee Jobs. Terry started her career as a first grade teacher. After teaching, she decided to pursue her passion of understanding race relations and the philosophy of giving everyone a fair chance regardless of prior life choices, circumstances and/or other obstacles.  Over the past 33 years, Jubilee Jobs has secured employment for over 25,000 individuals.  Since co- founding and becoming the Executive Director of Jubilee Jobs in 1981, Terry has held fast to the belief that securing employment is often the most transformative event in an individual’s life. Jubilee Jobs programs are available for every willing, ready and able to work resident. Terry is the mother of four children and four grandchildren. She enjoys yoga, playing the piano, exercising, reading and being an active member in her church.

Grace Singletary

Grace Singletary is post-evangelical, queer, and aspiring to be a farmer. Her formal educational background at the conservative evangelical school, Liberty University, set the stage for her personal process of deconstructing American evangelical Christianity, and understanding it’s role in our current and historical structures of oppression. With a commitment to anti-racism, and ecological regeneration, Grace aspires to use farming, education, and listening as ways to cultivate healing and resilience in our neighborhoods.

Gayle Fisher-Stewart

Gayle Fisher-Stewart, was ordained to the Episcopal priesthood in November 2015, and currently serves as assistant rector at Calvary-DC.   She is the founder of the Center for the Study of Faith in Justice @ Calvary which is engaged in social justice work and assisting the Black Church recover its mission.   She is a retired law enforcement officer, having last served as a captain with the Metropolitan Police Department in Washington, D.C. She holds degrees from the University of Maryland University College, American University, the University of the District of Columbia, the University of Maryland, and Wesley and Virginia Theological Seminaries.  She has taught criminal justice and leadership at the University of Maryland, the University of Maryland University College, The University of the District of Columbia, and the Johns Hopkins University.  She is the mother of one son, David.